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January 13:  Robyn Spady will speak on Twills in a 90 minute  Zoom presentation:

Weave Structures: Basic Twill

Twills are one of the most versatile weave structures and the possibilities are amazing! The breadth of weaving twills can be a bit daunting, but so much fun! In this class, we will cover the basics from straight draw and point twills and then move on to broken, undulating, M&W, Dornick, plaited, and turned twills.

February 3: Laura Fry will be giving her Zoom presentation on:

A Good Yarn takes a look at fibre characteristics – what the fibres look like, how they behave, how they are spun and then woven can increase or decrease their characteristics. Understanding our materials will help us make better choices.

March 2:  Karen Selk will be giving a presentation via Zoom

Wild silk is much more than the miraculous journey of metamorphosis from caterpillar to silken luxury. It is tightly woven to an ancient living culture raising tasar, muga and eri silkworms in remote forests of central and eastern India. Raising wild silkworms, reeling cocoons, spinning fiber and weaving silk cloth provides sustainable work and a regular income, while protecting the environment, lifting the status of women and maintaining a traditional lifestyle.

Photos and stories captured from weavers, spinners, and silkworm farmers over thirty years of field research will transport you into their homes and villages to witness the love and dedication involved in each part of the process from soil to cloth.

April 6:  Kelly Marshall will be giving a presentation over Zoom.

A broad spectrum talk on design, rep weave, and the development of a weaving business.

May 4:   SVWG Auction: Start going through your stash now for donations to the Guild Auction and to make way for new acquisitions!

June 1: Potluck Brunch, Elections, presentation of Challenge projects and more!

Note: the Zoom programs will be hybrid--We encourage you to come in person to the meetings, but if you are unable there will be a Zoom link.