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Animals Policy

Overview/Policy Statement

It is guild policy to provide a safe and healthy meeting environment for all
members and visitors. In accordance with this, animals are prohibited from all
guild functions with the exception of bonified service animals and working animals
who have been authorized, as defined below.

"Function" means any guild sponsored meeting, program, or workshop
regardless of location.

"Service Animals" refers to dogs and miniature horses used to guide or provide
assistance to persons with disabilities in the activities of independent living.

"Working Animals" refers to those animals engaged in authorized
service to the guild (e.g., guard dogs, pest control animals, police dogs).

In addition to providing a professional and conducive environment, this policy
responds to concerns for the health and safety of employees and animals. Further,
it limits potential distractions and disturbances.

This policy shall apply to all members and visitors of the guild.

Applying the Policy
This policy provides for the health and safety of guild members by restricting
animals at guild functions as follows:

Unauthorized animals are not permitted in any area associated with a guild
function, including the parking lots and grounds.Members and visitors are
reminded that bringing a pet to guild functions and leaving them in a car is
neither appropriate, nor safe and is prohibited is some jurisdictions.

In order to accommodate individuals with disabilities, service animals are
expressly permitted in all guild functions.

In all cases, only clean, trained, well-behaved, non-aggressive animals are
allowed, and they are to be leashed and kept under control at all times.
Any dog behaving in an aggressive or disruptive
manner may be removed from a facility.

It is the animal owner's responsibility to ensure that animals relieve
themselves outside and owners should not call upon other guild members.

Individuals are reminded not to distract a service or working animal when
the animal is working as it distracts the animal from the task at hand.

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